Download GBInsta v1.40 Latest Version For Android 2018

GbInsta is modded Version of Instagram as we know Instagram is the Android and IOS application which helps the users to share the videos and Images on Social media. there are many social media applications but Instagram is one of the best and attractive platform whenever you want to share the videos and images and live stories. If you are sharing any videos or any image then there are some limitation in Instagram and that we cannot download the images and videos with the help of Instagram. Today, we are telling you about an android application called as GBInsta which is the awesome mod of instagram and helps to download the images and videos on your android smartphone.

Instagram is also the product of Facebook and it is good in terms of privacy and you can share your images and videos and no one can download it.The best way you may download the picture is with the aid of taking a screenshot and that they need to crop the images that’s in reality a big task and no person desires to work that hard on cropping the image and store it on their cellphone. If you will crop the image it will virtually pixelate the Images.

You can easily crop the pictures and memories photos. This will clearly pixelate the Images but in relation to videos you can’t do some thing. Today, we will inform you the manner you can effortlessly store the images, videos, and testimonies on your Android Smartphone with out root. That’s sound superb proper? Let’s check.


Instagram Mods:

When it comes to the mods of Instagram the first aspect which continually is available in our mind is OGInstagram which permits the customers to experience downloading the Instagram pix and motion pictures. That software isn’t always updated since ages so the developer of GBWhatsApp came up with something called as GBInsta which allows the customers to download pictures, Videos and stories.

As we know GBWhatsApp which has too many capabilities and allows the customers to revel in subject their WhatsApp. The same developer of the GBWhatsApp permits the users to experience the theming on Instagram. If you’ll deploy GBInsta in your smartphone then you could effortlessly topic your Instagram with some little tweaks.



GBInsta Android Applications is developed by Atnfas Hoak and satisfactory software referred to as as GBWhatsApp. Atnfas Hoak worked with Osama Ghareeb and made GBInsta viable and you could deploy dual Instagram on your telephone.

Whenever you install any software in your Android phone which is modded, then there’s one aspect that’s continuously going in your thoughts, and that is you’ll get banned. You can install this utility on your phone, and also you received’t get any problems, and you may experience this app without any ban issues and your credentials can be safe. If you have the Twitter in your smartphone, then you may see that you don’t like to boom the followers in your Instagram but with the help of GBInsta, it helps the customers to understand who is following you and who isn’t always which is one of the first-class functions and also you don’t want to download third celebration utility for that small application.


How GBInsta Works?

This application is equal as Instagram but if you love customization and theming then I will endorse you download this application due to the fact for my part I love to do customization on my phone and this is the cause why it’s miles the quality software. There are some custom codes and small files which have been delivered on this application which allows the users to revel in theming after which follow the topic, and this is what makes the GBInsta the pleasant software which you could try to your Android cellphone.

If you’ll look at mods of Instagram, then you will discover that maximum of the mods want to have a rooted device. You don’t need a rooted tool to add some thing greater to your respectable Instagram software however you need an utility in an effort to help you to do the whole lot in one pass. This application lets in the customers to down load the photos, Videos and the whole thing in one click.




  • GBInsta
  • Android version above 4.0x
  • Internet Connection
  • Android Smartphone


Download GBInsta 1.40 Latest Version Apk For Android 2018

Downloading and Installing GbInsta is simple task. There are two types of the application and both the application is having the different package name. we will tell you about this below of this Gbinsta article and how the different packages of the application work.

You don’t need to uninstall instagram. If you want to install this application for your device so that you need to generally set up this software for your smartphone and there may be no troubles because right here thebundle name of the android application is unique and you can set up dual Instagram for your telephone.


GBInsta 1.40 Latest Version Apk 2019

Application Name:  GbInsta
File Type:  .apk
Version: 1.40
File Size: 40.1 MB
Downoads 500,000+
Supported Devices:  Android 4.0 & Above
Main Task Download  Pictures, Videos & Stories.
Developer: GB Mods by Atnfas Hoak
Feature: A Modded version of Instagram
Updated on: April 14, 2018

 How To Install GbInsta Step by Step 


  1. Download Gbinsta
  2. Install GbInsta & you might get an unknown sources warning:

install gbinsta


3. Click on Settings, and you need to enable the unknown sources.
install gbinstagram
4.Just scroll down and toggle on the unknown source.

5.Click the back button and try installing the application again on your phone.


6. Now install the application and open it on your Android Smartphone.

gbinsta app


7. Log in with your username and password, and that’s it, and you have successfully installed the application on your phone and logged in with the Instagram.

gbinsta latest Version 2019


How to Download Images on Instagram

  1. Open your phone Settings > Apps and search for GBInsta from the list of the application:
    download image in instagram
  2. Open GBInsta application from the list.
  3. Now, click on the permissions:download images in instagram
  4. Allow all the permission to GBInsta application, and I will suggest you allow the storage permission because you can download the images with the help of that permission:Download GBInsta 1.40 Latest Version Apk For Android 2018
  5. Now, click on the back button and check if everything is proper and make sure you don’t clear the data of the application.
  6. Open the Instagram application on your Android Smartphone
  7. Search for any image you want to download on your phone:
    Download GBInsta 1.40 Latest Version Apk For Android 2018
  8. Click menu and hit on Download button and then you can download the image on your smartphone:
    Download GBInsta 1.40 Latest Version Apk For Android 2018
  9. Now you willnot get any error or force stop issues on your phone.
  10. Enjoy gbInsta!

Download GBInstagram 2018 : 

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